The Sonic Effect

I have been a lead singer for most of my life and seeing band after band fall apart I was finally fed up and faced with trying to make it a go solo. And I enjoy playing acoustic shows but I sure would rather have the full band effect.  In fact, ultimately I would rather perform and sing with a full band for that full band effect. Well I won’t do the full band thing again but with today’s technology I can have the same sonic effect.

What a Process

Over the last few month I have been studying audio recording techniques. I started with recording a few originals and though the last song recorded sounded better than the first, I knew I had some work ahead of me. That’s what spurred on building a home studio. I now have some cover songs where I recorded all the instrument parts minus the lead vocals and guitar. I can now use them for Backing Tracks.  These backing tracks play while I sing and play along. I have to say I am really liking the sounds I’m getting but recording them is taking some getting used to.

Learn/Practice/Record – Learn/Practice/Record

It certainly requires more time. I say that cause I am learning the other instrument parts, putting them to memory and then trying to get that “no mistakes” track. Then practice, practice, practice along with the tracks. When you play along live with backing tracks there is no room for deviation from the recorded instruments. It is a challenge I am happy to face when facing the other option…a band.

3 Years and Counting

Anyway, here we are coming up on 3 years from when I had my epiphany of getting my music back on. CasperTunes now has a studio about 90% complete, a professional website @, a nice little PA system for live shows and a few songs online. We also have social network pages with ReverbNationFaceBookTwitter and MySpace.  I have learned so much over these last couple years and really feel like things are going in the right direction, just a little slower than I would like.  

Almost Ready

As I continue my studies I discovered one of the best ways to start getting your songs heard is still the old fashioned way of hitting the streets and playing out. Backing Tracks will be a part of my show in part at first but eventually all the songs I do will have backing tracks.  Now you know I would love to see YOU at one of my shows so please signs up on my email roster here  CasperTunesEmail so I can let you know if  I’ll be in your area.  Hope to play for you soon.

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Daniel Casper – Original songs like Rascal Flats or Peter Gabriel or a combination of the two.  Rock/Alternative/Country