Genre: Country – Wedding Song                                                                                           I Love You Goodnight                                                                            Written by: Daniel Casper  03/21/2012 ©

                                           I started this tune when I was asked to play at a wedding.

In October of 2011, my cousin Jennifer asked me to play at her June 2, 2012 wedding.  As I was playing around on my guitar and practicing one night I came up with this nice little groove that had a ballad feel to me.  I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if I could write them a wedding song.

So the first thing that came to mind was I wanted to make the song non gender specific so it could be sung by either the man or the woman. As I started to develop the song structure the pre chorus “I’ll try to remember” chords came to me.  At this point I was still humming the melody with mumblings but no real words.  

I found myself thinking “write” about the Wedding Day

Then, I thought, start with the day of the proposal.  I was coming up with “When  I asked you to marry me” (her speaking to him) “When you said you would marry me” (him speaking to her) But I was hell bent on keeping it none gender specific and these did not work.  Then I thought, what if I make it like they are already getting married and make it more about the wedding day. Thats when I came out with “The day that I marry you”.  As I came up with the pre-chorus lyrics I knew I had a new song and it was about to give birth.

As I was working on the first verse, now singing some words and still mumbling others, I came into the pre-chorus and sang “So I’ll try to remember at the end of every day”.  Thats when I figured I’ll put a message in here.  Something to remind them that marriage  can get tough so don’t forget to do the little things that mean so much.  So I tried to find something I thought might help keep a marriage together.  This is when I came up with the chorus.

As if I would know…still single at 48…whatever.

Anyhow, as I continued to write, I thought of everything I read in all the (how to write a hit) books and I knew I wanted to put in a bridge.  This did not come during the first few sittings when working on the song.  It stumped me for some time but I kept at it and finally came up with a chord progression that sat right for me.

Writing and recording it

This tune took me about 5 weeks to craft and hone to what you hear today.  It took another 5 or so to record the guitar and bass with a drum loop and scratch vocals.  It will take another 3 to 6 for live drums and vocal tracks. And then another couple weeks to produce and master it.  This is at a part -time pace and I can’t wait to take songwriting to full time work.  At this point I will have listened to the song well over a thousand times and will enjoy every minute.  I can’t explain it, I guess it has to be within you.

I was stoked to play it for Jennifer and Jeff

I played it on my guitar for Jennifer and Jeff at my family Christmas party in my music room and they both really liked it.  Jennifer called me one day afterwards and said they want to walk down the isle to it.  I was so flattered, it made my day as you could imagine.  Then she called again and said they want to use it for their first dance too.  I couldn’t be happier to know they like it that much.  She told me her mom, my aunt and godmother, cried when she played the demo I made for her.

There is nothing like someone, even if it’s family, who we all know can be biased, appreciating the art I created.  I hope you enjoy it ,too.  The scratch tracks are already on my website and free to download if you like. I hope to have this, my first fully produced and mastered song, out by the end of April and on iTunes.

 If you would like to hear the rough demo see below and click the Play Now arrow.


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